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Blueprint For Thoughtful Lesson Planning - $3.99

The Only Resource of its Kind on the Internet!

Simplify Instructional Delivery For All Learners

With the ever-changing diversity occurring in classrooms nationally, teachers are confronted with the realization that a "one-size-fits all" teaching style is a thing of the past. Teachers must be creative and flexible about their approach to instruction. Failing to plan for diverse learning styles is failing to provide access to the lesson for all learners. How-in-the-world does a teacher keep up with these rapid changes?

Simply put:

The Blueprint for Thoughtful Lesson Planning is your answer. A One-of-a-Kind , step-by-step guide developed to enrich instruction through simplifying lesson planning.

You will discover:

• Tips and strategies to take lesson delivery to the Next level

• How to dig deeper during planning to include All learners

Improve questioning techniques, classroom facilitation, student participation and much

• You'll notice an Immediate increase in conceptual understanding for students.

Sample page from ebook

Phase1: Getting Ready – considering student responses, misconceptions, ...etc.

Phase 2: Exploration – reflective questioning, evidence of student learning, ...etc.

Phase 3: Discussion – organizing discussion to accomplish lesson goals, ...etc.

Plus: Templates to help organize your planning

The Only Resource of its Kind on the Internet - $3.99

Available formats:

  • PDF (for use on any Mac or PC )

  • MOBI (for use on Kindle)

  • EPUB (designed for most other eReaders, including Nook, Sony Reader, and most iPad and iPhone apps)

Also available through:

•Amazon Kindle -

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