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Algebra Sense

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Why Do Students Struggle With Basic Algebra?
Maybe, it's the language?
Need help with Common Core Standards?

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Research suggests:

Mathematical knowledge is developed through language.
athematica l con cepts and operations are rooted in language.

If students are to make strong academic progress in mathematics, the specialized vocabulary of mathematics must be taught clearly.

AlgebraTwist flashcards are designed to build and strengthen fluency in algebra.

A fun & exciting way to lower frustration and unravel the mystery surrounding
basic algebra study.

Our standards-based cards reinforce basic algebraic language and concepts, such as:
  • Converting word phrases into algebraic equation
  • Interpreting the meaning of variables
  • Finding the value of the unknown variable
  • Reinforcing idea of " equals sign " as balance scales

  • Make AlgebraTwist flashcards a part of your young scholar's
    academic program today and watch their
    "algebra sense" soar!

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